Recipient of the National Award for child welfare ‘93 and U.N Medal for peace projects 1995-96 Pushkin Medal Conferred by Russian President Mr. D.A Medvedev in November,2009 Leo Tolstoy’s Gold Medal Conferred by Mr. Albert Litkanov, President of the Russian Children’s Foundation in February,2009
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Education to Every Child

The biggest thing for me with charity is awareness. Obviously as an athlete, I have an opportunity to make people more aware. The average person doesn't have that opportunity, so the best way is to spare some money, clothing, food - something. Most of us have a little excess of something that we can give.

Charity is a fine thing if it's meeting a gap where needs must be met and there are no other resources. But in the long term we need to support people into helping themselves.

Health and Medication

Education and health were always matters of charity. You educated children and you helped the sick because they were good things to do, not because you were going to make money out of them. If you let the money-making prin- ciple, the profit-seeking motive, anywhere near education and health, things go bad.

Wildlife and Ecosystems

The charity work is just a part of what I do. Like... I make time to clean my house, to care for my pets, to visit my extended family, because those things are important to me. Same with helping others.

Why Choose Us

Food Delivering

Our charity begins at home, And mostly ends where it begins.


The 'Apprentice' was tough, tough work. It was all for charity,.


Any time I'm donating to charity, I feel it's very daunting.


Any time I'm donating to charity, I feel it's very daunting.

Our Causes

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Education is the second most common cause in India, accounting for 15% of all charitable donations. Education charities make learning possible from pre-school to graduate school and beyond. They provide funding to make educational institutions more effective and learning acc- essible to students of many diverse backgrounds. The focus of education charities includes:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Adult Education
  • Youth Education
  • Special Education
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • Education Policy and Reform
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